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Taking the Rigmarole out of Recruitment


Wheeler White Client Services

We work almost exclusively with SME's.

These tend to be the size of business which will benefit most from the service that we offer, simply because within small to medium sized businesses the resources that can be used for recruitment are more limited.

SME's benefit most from outsourcing their recruitment, freeing up their own personnel to focus on growing the business.

Recruitment can be extremely costly in terms of time.  Saving time and maintaining business focus  is vital if your business is to grow and thrive in these competitive times.  Recruitment often involves your senior staff, effectively taking your greatest assets out of the business at a time when you are potentially short staffed and need them the most.

Why Use Wheeler White

This is our own business, which means that we are 100 percent committed to seeing it thrive. We can only achieve this by providing an outstanding service.

You will always be speaking to the same person. We don't make empty promises about account management and continuity of service. Clients who started dealing with us ten years ago, when we started the business, still deal with the same people as they did then.

That continuity means that we are constantly improving our understanding of our clients and their businesses. We have an up to date and thorough understanding of the staffing requirements of our clients, the problems that they face and how to overcome them.

We are able to advise on staffing for our clients from a position of strength, fully understanding their business and culture.

We enjoy recruitment and are passionate about it. That passion ensures that we are completely commited to fulfilling our clients' recruitment needs.

And we back all this up with an industry leading six month guarantee on candidates recruited through Wheeler White.

Call us today  on 01952 883585 to talk things over and find out how we can help you or get in touch through our Contact Us page.