Best Questions to Ask at a Sales Interview?

Millions of pages have been written on job interviews from both sides of the fence.  Whether you are interviewing or being interviewed there are thousands of people queuing up to take your hard earned cash in return for advice on what are the best interview questions.

Stick “interview questions” into a search on Amazon and you will come up with around 46000 results in book, CD and DVD format, and the number is growing daily.  If you want some free information, simply Google “Interview Questions” and browse through the five million answers.

And the great thing is, that with everyone having access to the same information there is a fair chance that, whichever seat you are sitting in at an interview, you will already know the best questions to ask at a sales interview, you will know all the tried and tested questions and answers.

So, perhaps we could all save some time by cutting to the chase and asking a simple question.

“How are you going to do this job in order to make me money?”

I appreciate that this could be seen as a bit simplistic, but everything in a sales interview should be focused on finding the person who is going to make you as much profit as possible in as short a time as possible.

Rather than have the sparring match of prepared questions and answers that everyone knows, why not simply have a discussion around how they will do the job, what will they do on a daily basis to generate profit for the business.

And, if you are sat the other side of the table, make sure that you know the answer to this question and use your time in the interview to focus the discussion around it.  After all, being a salesperson, you should be used to steering conversations!