Assessing Candidates

Assessing Candidates after Interview

There are a few things to think about when assessing candidates and a few traps to avoid as well. You are not looking for the most likeable candidate or the most gregarious, or even the one that will fit best with the rest of the team.

These are all secondary considerations. You are looking for the person who is most appropriate for the job that you are recruiting for.

So here are some areas to look at:


How relevant is their experience to the role. Their past performance is usually a good indicator of what they will be capable of in the future.  Are they good at solving problems?  Have they instigated change in previous roles?  Are they creative in their approach to work?

Education, Training and Intelligence

Have they kept their skills up to date through training? Is there education and training relevant to the role?  How well did they answer your questions, were their answers relevant?  Did they ask relevant questions?


How hard working are they. Do they readily accept responsibility?  Has their career progressed?


Did they come across as open and confident at interview or did they seem guarded in their answers? Were they easy to talk to and get on with? How relaxed were they at interview?  Did they maintain eye contact?

Ambition / Motivation

What ambitions did they state at interview and will you be able to fulfil their ambitions? Are they realistic?  How well prepared were they for interview?  With easy access to the internet most candidates should be able to research your company and find out all about you.

The Decision

When you are making your decision try to make it based on facts and avoid being influenced by things like “first impressions”. It is widely accepted that interviewers make up their minds about candidates within the first couple of minutes of an interview.

Try to be more considered in your opinions as these “gut instincts” are not based on fact, simply perception.