How to Write a People Spec

So, having defined the job and how it fits with the team, you need to prepare a candidate profile. The job description focuses on the role.  A candidate profile will focus on describing the skills, experience, qualifications, personality and aspirations of the ideal candidate.

This is not a legal requirement but will help immensely in the selection process. This is the bench mark against which you will compare candidates.

By using the candidate profile in the selection process, you will significantly reduce the chances of you wasting time interview inappropriate candidates. Take the time at the beginning to think about the kind of person you need and you will save a significant amount of time in the actual selection process.

Job Specifications Standards and Requirements

What are the minimum qualifications required to fulfil the essential elements of the role. Detail educational qualifications as well as experience, knowledge and the skills required. Break the list down into essential skills that must be included and preferred skills that would be useful but are not essential. This will help you to pre-select candidates.

It is also important to think about the likely personality of the successful person. Do they need to be self-motivated, good with people, pay attention to detail, mix well in a team environment and be friendly and outgoing on the phone. Give some thought to the current team and how they will interact with them.

Get someone else to look over your people spec when it is completed to see if they can add anything.

With a job description and candidate profile put together you are now ready to start sourcing suitable candidates.