Making a Job Offer

How to make a job offer to maximise success

Once you have decided on which candidate to offer the position to there are a few simple guidelines to follow.

  • Don’t offer the position at interview. This can come across as desperate or unprofessional. It is always worth taking the time to consider your decision as well. This helps to make sure that you are recruiting the best candidate based on the facts and not on gut instinct.
  • Don’t delay too long. You will almost inevitably be in competition with other employers for top quality candidates.
  • Make the offer by phone, email and mail. Email is a useful tool for getting an offer letter in front of a candidate quickly. Giving a sense of urgency at this stage helps to reinforce that you want this candidate on board. Also put a time scale on the offer letting them know when you expect to hear back from them.  Follow up by letter.
  • It is reasonable to allow some time for the candidate to think things over…..but not too long. If you have done the recruitment process correctly they should be as convinced as you that this is the right move for them.
  • Confirm the next step. Possible Medical, references, when is their start date, who do they report to and what induction they will receive.
  • Keep in touch throughout their notice period. For some positions this may be as long as three months.  Invite them in to meet the team, invite them to a social event.  Let them know that you are keen for them to join your company.