Sourcing Candidates

Before you start looking outside the business, have you thought about internal candidates?

Always consider your existing staff. They have knowledge about your company, procedures and products which give them an instant head start on any external applicants. Having a policy of promoting from within is great for staff morale so always let other staff know about the vacancy and encourage them to apply.

If you still need to look outside the business then what are the options open to you.

Personal Recommendation.

Do your staff know anyone who has the skills and experience that you are looking for. They may be personal friends or trade contacts.  Do you know of staff within your competitors who may be interested in joining the company?  It is estimated that anything up to 40% of vacancies are filled in this way.  It’s not what you know but who you know!!  Social networking and websites such as LinkedIn now make it easier to find candidates from competitors.


There are a huge variety of ways in which you can advertise a vacancy. Local or national newspapers, trade publications, trade body websites, job websites, local job centre, even putting a postcard in local shop windows. Each method will have its pluses and minuses so think carefully before spending to make sure that the method you use is best suited to the type of vacancy that you are using.

Don’t skimp on advertising. The more information you can put in an advertisement the more likely you are to attract suitable candidates.  Give the job title and description, salary range and benefits, any bonuses or commission that could be paid. If you advertise a job without a salary you could end up wasting your time by interviewing candidates who have far higher salary expectations than you are offering.

Use your job description as a guide. State what skills you are looking for to help attract suitable candidates.  Make sure that you say how to apply and what is expected in any application.  CV and covering letter, CV by email, initial telephone enquiry.  Make it easy for people to apply initially.

A well written, well thought out advertisement will always do far better than one that is rushed so take the time and get someone to check it before it is published, wherever you decide to publish it.

Advertise the job on your company website. You’ll often find that other companies in the same industry will check out your website.  What better place to find suitable experienced candidates.

Recruitment Agencies

If you decide to use a recruitment agency make sure that you brief the agency thoroughly on the vacancy and the skills and experience that you are looking for in a candidate. Give us the time to discuss the vacancy and the needs of the role thoroughly.

We can help at any stage of the recruitment process from helping with a job description and candidate profile to writing an advertisement and dealing with the response.

Recruitment agencies have access to a wider range of candidates, either from their own in-house databases or from candidate databases that they subscribe to. They also get preferential rates on most types of job advertising meaning that they can cast the net wider when recruiting for you.  Use their advantage to your advantage.

Recruitment agencies can save you a great deal of time and ultimately save you money in the process.