How to Make your CV Readable

How to make your CV ReadableIt is estimated that recruiters take somewhere between six and twenty seconds to skim read a CV in the initial stage of the recruitment process and it is only if you get past this first stage that you have any chance of securing an interview and, ultimately, the job.

How to make your CV readable…….. so that it doesn’t fall at the first hurdle?

If you could spend a day walking in my shoes, I suspect that you would be amazed at the quality of CVs that I receive from so called sales professionals.

If I’m honest, I would have to admit that the majority of CVs that I receive get about thirty seconds of my time before they are condemned to the unsuitable file.

They simply, don’t sell.

If you are doing a sales presentation, you do your research first.  You ask lots of questions, establish a need and then sell a solution that fits the need.

Basic sales skills… why do so many sales people forget all their sales training when it comes to writing a CV?

Why send out a generic untargeted CV when you are applying for a job?

Getting the right new job is probably the most important sale that you are going to make for the next few years.  Mess up the sale, make the wrong sale and you are potentially condemning yourself to years of misery.  At the least, you are heading for a disappointment.

Okay….you won’t always be able to ask loads of questions but read the job ad, read the job description, understand what the recruiter is looking for and make sure that they see it in the first few lines of your CV.

Put a personal profile at the beginning of your CV and tailor it to each role that you are applying for.  If they want an experienced business to business sales professional from the widgets and gadgets industry with experience of dealer management, and you are one, then make sure that you tell them.

Don’t stop there.  Emphasise the relevant points in your CV.  Pick out the parts of the role that you are experienced in and make sure that they stand out on your CV.

Recruiters are busy people.  We hate spending time reading through CVs so make it easy for us.  Put the important information under our noses, give us a reason to read on, get our attention, generate some interest and make a sale!

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