Writing a Sales CV

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In today’s competitive jobs market it is imperative that your CV makes you stand out from the crowd.  Your CV needs to look good and be professionally written and it needs to grab the reader.  So who will be reading your CV?

Anyone looking to hire a new sales person will have one over-riding interest when it comes to choosing candidates to interview.  How will this person add value to my business?

So, as well as producing a good looking, well-formatted CV with no typos and spelling mistakes you need to demonstrate how you are going to fulfil the role and add value to their sales structure.

Tell them about your sales successes.  Let them know how you have performed against target.

If you’ve been involved in new business, give details of the wins you have made and how that added to the bottom line.  Talk about the pipeline you have built and your conversion rates.

If it’s account management then talk about the growth you have achieved, how you grew an account from £X to £Y, how you have developed depth in accounts and how your account management skills have benefited previous employers.

Use the right vocabulary when describing your achievements, developed, grew, increased, negotiated, won and promoted.  Use words that get attention and create an emotive response.

Talk about any incentives or prizes that you have won over the years.  How have you done in the company sales hierarchy / sales leagues.  But, make sure that the information is accurate and factual.  You will need to be able to back it up at interview.

And make sure that you tailor your CV for each role.  Read through the job description to get a feel for the language of the company and then try to emulate it in your CV.  Make sure that you cover as many of the needs of the role as possible in your CV to demonstrate that you have the skills and experience t do the job.

Recruiters can’t read between the lines so make sure that your CV tells them everything they need to know to convince them that you are right for the job.

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