Sole Agency - Why Working Exclusively with one Recruiter is the Best Option for Clients.

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What are the perceived advantages of briefing multiple agencies when recruiting and how realistic are they?

One perception seems to be that using multiple agencies on a “first past the post” basis will speed up the recruitment process.  Agencies, knowing that they are competing, will rush to get candidate CVs to you as soon as possible, speeding up the recruitment process and reducing the time to hire.

So, do you want the emphasis to be on speed or quality?  With one agency working on a vacancy they are able to focus on finding you the best possible candidate available rather than the best possible candidate who is immediately available.  Good sales people are seldom actively job hunting and finding them can take a bit of time, but the right recruit, rather than the fastest recruit will save you time and money in the long run.

Another is that by placing a vacancy with multiple agencies you will get a wider range of CVs of potential candidates, but the reality is that most agencies have access to the same job boards and CV databases so you are unlikely to get the varied choice that you are looking for.  Give the role to one agency exclusively and they have the time and commitment to be more creative and to look elsewhere for potential candidates, speaking to their network and engaging with passive candidates to give you a wider choice of potential recruits.

If you brief one agency rather than three or four you will have more time to brief that agency thoroughly and a comprehensive job brief will inevitably result in a well matched short list of candidates which in turn will lead to a better hiring decision.

You will also get 100% commitment from the agency.  If you brief multiple agencies what will happen is that, once the initial flurry of activity has passed, you will start to lose commitment from the agency.  You are competing for their time with new vacancies that they are taking that may be more easily filled or have been placed with them on an exclusive basis. 

Place a vacancy with an agency on an exclusive basis and they are able to use all their resources to fill that position for you.  If they only have a thirty percent or fifty percent chance of earning a fee it is only natural that they will deploy their resources more thoughtfully.

If candidates are being approached by several different agencies about the same role, what is their perception of the end employer.  If one agency is approaching them and speaking knowledgeably about the role on an exclusive basis it raises the value of that discussion and helps to portray your company in a good light.

Brief one agency and you would only be dealing with one person, no duplicated CVs, no conversations with a variety of consultants of mixed abilities, leaving you free to get on with the rest of your work.

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